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We aim to build a community where those with an interest in transit can be in an environment where they feel comfortable expressing that interest. Being your career as a virtual subway operator of the Virtual TTC Academy! Earn virtual dollars and file runs completed with other transit enthusiasts using the train simulator, OpenBVE. Later you may progress into becoming a virtual tower controller.

You do not need to sign up if you wish to download the subway simulator for OFFLINE use only. The simulator is downloaded here.

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Q: What is the Virtual TTC Academy and can I use the simulator without being part of it? >>
A: The academy is an online community where members get together to simulate virtual Toronto (TTC) subway operations online at designated times. Our mission is to provide the most realistic environment possible in simulating Toronto subway operations without sacrificing the fun element. We also aim to educate members on concepts used in real world TTC subway operations. You are not required to join the academy to download the simulator. For those wishing to use the simulator offline only can just download the simulator here.

Q: Who joins the Virtual TTC Academy? >>
A: Transit enthusiasts and railfans of all ages from around the world interested in the realistic Toronto subway virtual runs we provide

Q: Is the simulator free to use? Is there a membership fee to join the Virtual TTC Academy? >>
A: The simulator and V3.6 of the YUS, V1.2 of the BD and V1.0 of the Sheppard lines are free to download and use. Newer routes are donation supported. There is no fee to join the Virtual TTC Academy and participate in our runs. All purchases on the website are virtual currency earned from participating in runs.

Q: Is there a minimum amount of runs required per month to remain a member? >>
A: No, you choose when to join runs depending on your availability. However, if you choose to become a tower you must be active within a certain interval to keep your position.

Q: Is the Toronto Transit Commission involved in the Virtual TTC Academy or the simulator? >>
A: We are a fan built and supported community and not associated with the Toronto Transit Commission. However, they know about our work and are supportive of it. We also have been invited to their events to showcase the simulator.

Q: What is TeamSpeak and what do we use it for? >>
A: TeamSpeak is a voice-over-Internet-protocol software like Skype that allows members of the academy to communicate with one another during runs via voice or text. It is available for free here for Windows, Mac and Linux. It is also available for iOS and Android for a few dollars on iTunes and Google Play. Our server address is and there is no password.

Q: Is a microphone required to join runs? >>
A: No, a microphone is not required for communication between the operator and tower, though you must be able to hear the tower and respond via text. You can also use your phone and the mobile app for TeamSpeak.

Q: Is there a minimum age requirement to join runs? >>
A: No, there is no minimum age requirement. We have members of all ages. However, members need to be able to follow instructions and be mature enough to take our runs seriously. Our TeamSpeak Terms of Use covers acceptable behavior on our TeamSpeak 3 server. It also covers what the appropriate consequences are if the rules are broken. Every member who signs up for the academy agrees to these terms.

Q: How do I start joining runs? >>
A: Before you can join our runs you must watch a brief training video and complete a brief 10 question quiz online. Details are in your signup email. Email our training manager Lui, [email protected] if you have any questions.

Q: Other questions? Or not sure if the academy is suitable for me? >>
A: Email our communications advisor, Andrew at [email protected] or arrange a chat session here.

You can only apply to transfer yards when you become a Class 4 Operator.

Please use a valid email address so we can send you your login details. A T2P Films forum account will automatically be made for you if you do not have one already. This will allow you to interact with other members and keep updated with our developments. Those already with a forum account please go to Profile > Modify Profile > Group Membership and request your yard and New Recruit once you have signed up.

Exact details will be provided in your sign up email to begin training as an operator of the Virtual TTC Academy.

Train sets currently active in each yard below. Please note Bloor Danforth runs always use Greenwood trains first no matter which yard you are based out of. Please see the table on the ranks page.


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